Crunchy Spice

CRUNCHY SPICE - Chinese Crispy Chilli Oil

Crunchy Spice crispy Chilli oil satay recipe

Nicole lived in Shanghai and fell in love with the crispy chili oils found at the table in so many restaurants. They instantly improve any meal, with each restaurant offering its unique twist—some very simple, others enriched with sesame seeds, peanuts, fermented soybeans, or shrimp.

Inspired by these vibrant flavors, Nicole has crafted Crunchy Spice, a premium crispy chili oil that captures the essence of her Chinese food memories. Whether you’re looking to add a burst of heat, a touch of crunch, or a wave of umami, Crunchy Spice is the perfect way to transform your dishes into a flavour-packed experience.

Perfect for:

  • Drizzling over noodles 🍜
  • Stirring into soups 🍲
  • Spicing up dumplings 🥟
  • Enhancing your favorite stir-fry 🍛

Forget boring meals with Crunchy Spice

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